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Q. Does getting eyelash extensions hurt?

A. No. In fact it is very relaxing and many clients fall asleep. It’s pain free with no side effects.

Q. How many extensions are applied and how long will it take?

A. Designer Lashes applies anywhere from 60-120 eyelash extensions per eye depending on the amount of clients natural healthy eyelashes. The procedure could take anywhere from 60-140 minutes the first time and approximately 40-80 minutes for fills.

Q. Can I wear makeup and mascara?

A. Absolutely. However, you must use oil free makeup remover to clean around the lash. Any product that contains oil will loosen the lash bond. Designer Lashes sells a special eyelash extension coating mascara specifically made for eyelash extensions. Regular mascara has ingredients that shorten the life of the lashes.

Q. Are eyelash extensions safe for skin sensitive to cosmetics and eye contact wearers?

A. Yes. Eyelash extensions are applied approximately 2-3 mm from the base of lash and should never touch the skin, making them excellent for sensitive skin or contact wearers.

Q. How often do I need to refill the lashes to keep them maintained?

A. Your natural eyelashes have about a 40 day life span, so keep them looking lush with a fill appointment every 3-5 weeks, depending on lash cycle.

Q. Will the extensions damage my real lashes?

A. Not if they are carefully applied. They should shed with your natural lash. However, if you are rough on your lashes, you risk breaking them off.

Q. How do I prepare for my appointment?

A. Arrive to appointment with clean and dry lashes, free of any makeup and do not curl them 24 hours prior to the appointment. Be prepared to relax for up to 2 hours (come caffiene free so it's easier for you to relax:)

Q. What is the difference between eyelash extensions and traditional false eyelashes?

A. 1)The lash adhesive 2)the lash type 3) The lash appearance and duration 4) the application technique

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