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1. Are Sleek Brows products tested on animals?

No! Only on friends and family.


2. What is the 3D Sculpt?

Sleek Brows' 3D Sculpt is a medical grade, skin-safe adhesive that mimics the look of real hair. It is applied to skin that has been custom-colored for each person based on his or her wants and needs.


3. How long does Sleek Brows last?

Typically 2-3 weeks or longer with proper aftercare. Please refer to our aftercare brochure on our Client Info page.


4. What is building?

Hairs are applied into 3D scuplt gel or onto hair to create a thicker brow where needed. We do not add to skin, even though the glue is made for that. We find that it lasts longer when we apply the hairs onto existing hair, or to sculpt with our 3D Sculpt Gel.


5. Is there a 'fill' for Sleek Brows in between appointments?

No, you will get a 'redo' every appointment. This way, you'll be able to choose ANY brow you'd like each time, or keep the same one you loved before. That's the beauty of Sleek.


6. What hair growth properties does the 3D Gel have in it?

Our special 3D Gel has vitamins A & E to promote hair growth. Once the sculpt is applied over the course of a few weeks, you may see brow hairs regrowing.


7. Where is Sleek Brows product based out of?

London, UK. For more information, visit


8. How much does a Sleek Brows appointment Cost?

Every stylist is different, and the needs/wants of each client varies. Typically a Sleek Brows appointment will cost between $50 - $150. Please contact a stylist near you for more information.


9. Can I purchase products from the Pro Store without taking the course?

No, we only distribute to those who are certified and have taken our Sleek Brows course.


10. Do I need to be licensed in order to perform Sleek Brows treatments?

Restrictions vary by state, please refer to your state's regulations.


11. How do I become a stylist?

Please check out our upcoming courses, and fill out our form online for more information.


12. How much can I make with the Sleek Brows Kit?

Revenue for one Sleek Brows kit is typically $7,500 minimum with 150 applications.


13. How will Sleek Brows benefit me?

A unique benefit to Sleek Brows products is the ability to correct brow shape and help regrow brows in the correct shape.


14. What are the differences between Sleek Brows and other brow companies?

We are the ONLY brow treatment of its kind. This is a must technique for any brow technician serious about knowing all aspects of eyebrow restoration. There is nothing else comparable to our methods. Originating from the UK, we have a 3-technique process that includes: threading, sculpting and bundling.


15. Are Sleek Brows going to be bigger than eyelash extensions?

Yes! Eyelashes aren't for everyone. Sleek Brows are for EVERYONE, even men!


16. Can I make payments for the training instead of paying all at once?

If you'd like to setup a payment plan with PayPal you can do so. Please refer to for details.


17. Can I get a discount?

We do not offer discounts at this time.


18. Can I try Sleek Brows before I train?

Yes, of course! Contact your local stylist for an appointment.


19. Can I take the Sleek Brows course if I'm still in beauty school?

Yes!  Contact your nearest trainer to enroll.


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