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Designer Lashes offers a comprehensive introduction to the art and design of eyelash extensions.  We provide the most cutting edge, innovative, up-to-date fashions and trends in the fascinating, fabulous, and profitable lash extensions industry through eyelash extension training classes. 


Lash extensions are the fastest growing and most profitable service in the beauty industry.  But becoming a Lash Artist is more than just gluing eyelashes on a client.  Designer Lashes is dedicated to giving our students educational instruction and practical guidance that is both valuable and enduring.  Our comprehensive, hands-on workshops are designed to effectively train you to develop the skills you need to become a successful Eyelash Artist.  This Designer Lashes eyelash extension course is far more advanced and detailed than any others out there offering certification.  Our trainers are beauty professionals and experts in their field.  Our eyelash extension experts will give you the skills, guidance, techniques, and confidence to become a qualified and successful eyelash artist. 

Our eyelash extension training class sizes are limited to 3-5 students per training course to ensure each student enjoys plenty of one-on-one time with our industry expert instructors.  Models are provided and students will have live client interaction beginning day one.


Potential Income (Based on 2 clients/day)  

$200 is the average cost of a full-set of eyelash extensions.

$2400/week based on 12 clients/week

$124,800 annual PLUS gratuity possible (less your supplies & costs)

PLUS, lash extensions require monthly maintenance guaranteeing a steady stream of clients and income!



What You Will Learn

Held in our beautiful Downtown Scottsdale location,  this comprehensive eyelash extension training class covers the concepts, techniques, and theory of eyelash extension artistry along with practical application, demonstration, evaluation, and certification.  Students will learn how to apply lashes safely and beautifully on live clients regardless of the brand of lashes.  Designer Lashes places a special emphasis on lash artistry—creating and designing a lash look and style pleasing to the client. 

Students will learn the anatomy and shape of the eye and apply this understanding to customize and design a client’s eyelash extensions.  Students will learn set-up and client preparation procedures and ethical concerns, multiple application techniques, and eyelash extension removal procedures.  Designer Lashes teaches safety procedures and current industry regulations related to the application of eyelash extensions. Additionally, Designer Lashes provides knowledge about the highest quality of care in eye health and wellness as it pertains to the lash industry.



What We Provide

Your Eyelash Extension Training  Workshop Includes:  

YOUR EXTENSIVE DESIGNER LASHES LASH KIT (value of over $950 ) Everything you need to start your new career as a Lash Artist.

  • Step-by-step instructions, guidance, tips, and photos.

  • A comprehensive and intensive 16-hour training (2 - 8 hour days) with a highly skilled eyelash specialist.

  • Insider tips & tricks for custom techniques and expert applications

  • Current product knowledge including resources and suppliers

  • An insiders’ grasp on leading marketing tools and products of the industry 

  • In-class exercises using live clients

  • At home study exercises

  • Certificate of completion

  • On-going consultation and support


Why Us?

  • The focus at Designer Lashes is quality and precision not on brand.

  • Designer Lashes offers only high quality products and services.

  • Designer Lashes is committed to clients, ensuring that they receive the absolute best set of eyelash extensions and customer service available to them.

  • We make it easy and exciting for you to learn how to be a high quality lash or brow artist.

  • At Designer Lashes, our focus is on teaching you how to safely and correctly apply eyelash extensions on your clients.

  • Designer Lashes provides you with in-depth information including exclusive product knowledge regarding adhesive ingredients, allergies, infection, health and safety and strategies for trouble shooting client issues.

  • Designer Lashes offers small classes to ensure each student receives one-on-one practical instruction, guidance, and support from our lash and brow professionals.

  • Designer Lashes requires no future costs or minimum orders to keep your certification active.

  • Designer Lashes is proud to offer the best resources and latest product knowledge to our clients and students.

  • Designer Lashes is located in an upscale, luxurious setting in Scottsdale at the Optima Sonoran Village across from Fashion Square.

  • Designer Lashes training courses include a delicious complimentary brunch. 

  • Designer Lashes provides everything you need to start a profitable beauty career in lash or  brow solutions.

  • The team at Designer Lashes is here to empower and help build your confidence 

  • Designer Lashes offers a unique balance of education and one-on-one hands-on training with industry experts and live models.

  • Designer Lashes offers a superior service, comprehensive training courses, and individualized, one-on-one training, along with on-going support after program completion.

  • Designer Lashes offers workshops throughout the year and are delivered by experts and industry professionals.  

  • Reserve your training spot today and take advantage of our innovative and cutting-edge lash and brow workshops—they book up quickly and sell out fast!  Designer Lashes offers an affordable payment plan to help you get started.



COURSE COST - $1800 



Designer Lashes offers discounts for groups, and continuing students taking advanced courses.  

Want us to come to you?  We can train on your premises or location of your choice.  Extra charges may occur.  Call us for more information on eyelash extension training classes and certifications.



Certification Requirements: 

In order to complete your program and receive your eyelash extension certification you will need to provide:

  • 5 case studies with before and after photos to begin your lash portfolio.

  • 3 minute video of you applying lashes to a live model

  • You must apply 50 extensions per eye.   You are allowed a maximum of two extensions to stick together per model, no glue on the skin, and extensions must be facing the correct direction with correct styling.

  • You must have good eyesight, a steady hand, and a lot of patience with yourself and others.

  • Electronic submission  of your work  will be evaluated by Designer Lashes’ professional experts.  

  • After you successfully pass your assessment you will receive an accredited certificate from Designer Lashes showing completion of your training course.

  • If you do not succeed at these tasks, we will ask you to come back after 4 weeks with further photos and video for reassessment. There is no additional charge for second resubmission.


***All courses require a deposit in advance.  Designer Lashes’ courses are non-refundable but are transferable to another date.  Cancellations must be made no less than 7 days in advance of the training course registered for.  Cancellations less than 7 days in advance will receive 75% of the total course cost toward a future workshop.  Should you need to reschedule, we will make every effort to accommodate you.  A rescheduling fee of $150  will apply if  you cancel or reschedule 1-7 days prior to your course. No shows relinquish all monies applied.




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